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Honesty makes things simple. Not easy. But simple. 

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“The important people in our lives leave imprints. They may stay or go in the physical realm, but they are always there in your heart, because they helped form your heart. There’s not getting over that”

– David Leviathan (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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Disturb us, Lord, when we are too well pleased with ourselves, 

when our dreams have come true because we have dreamed too little, when we arrive safely because we sailed too close to the shore. 

Disturb us, Lord, when with the abundance of things we possess,
we have lost our thirst for the waters of life, 
having fallen in love with life, we have ceased to dream of eternity, 
and in our efforts to build a new earth, 
we have allowed our vision of the new heaven to dim. 

Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly, to venture on wider seas, 
where storms will show your mastery, 
where losing sight of land, we shall find the stars. 
We ask you to push back the horizon of our hopes, 
and to push us into the future in strength, courage, hope, and love. 
This we ask in the name of our Captain, who is Jesus Christ.

– Francis Drake (via definedbyyou)

Gorges du Tarn, France | Kevin Lyp-stenger


Gorges du Tarn, France | Kevin Lyp-stenger

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“Sometime ago I bought my wife a beautiful piece of jewellery… We admired it and talked about it, described each stone and set it aside. Next morning, I woke up early to do some writing… All of a sudden, I heard a crunching sound. I looked over toward where my daughter’s puppy was lying and suddenly realized she had the necklace in her mouth and was delightedly chewing on it like a juicy bone… When I saw what she had done with it, I could only stand and feel the tears well up within me. What was there to be said?… You see, there is a difference between the puppy’s view of value and mine. As a dog, she could only look at the jewellery. She couldn’t look through it. She could only look at my tears; she couldn’t look through them. She only knew it was not what I had wanted done with it. She couldn’t understand why. She had no clue of the beauty and the worth of what had been mangled. That is the way human beings look at holiness. We have no idea what it is we have violated. Morality suggests to us it’s ours or God’s. The disenchantment we sense is that it was a "no-no". We can look at the idea of holiness but we cannot look through it. Looking through it points to the essence of what life was designed for and strains to catch a glimpse of the one who himself is the essence of all that is true and good and beautiful.”

– Beyond Opinion by Ravi Zacharias  (via chewyclouds)

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Anonymous asked:

are lucky getting a family in Australia?

I decided to wait until November to go! I want more time to save money & spend with my family here for a bit! 

“Great relationships aren’t built in a day - great relationships are built daily.”

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…Lord, I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love.


…Lord, I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love.

“Physical superiority and emotional tenderness make the perfect combination in a man”

“If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me…”


seeing someone you know but arent friends with in public is the worst thing ever

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